Making Zongzi competition in The Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival is a Chinese traditional festival.In order to enrich staff's spiritual life, all management and staff together participate in the making Zongzi competion at noon on May 27th .


At noon,the staff of committee of competition early prepare staff prepare the glutinous rice, red dates, bamboo leaves, rope etc. As the referee union chairman Guo's order, the players have entered the "battle", folding bamboo leaves, glutinous rice, put with stuffing, rope,and than become a Zongzi. Some of Zongzi like a headphone and some of like a big horn.Finally, the winner is machining department, the second is the headphone Department, and the third is quality control department .


The making Zongzi competition drew to a successful close afternoon(May 27th ).Competition not only deepened the friendship between managers and staff,but also made a higher level in the construction of enterprise culture.





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